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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beerfest was WAY Better!

Yelp Review 01/07/2011
San Francisco Vintners Market
The other reviewer was right in that the people handling the door entrance were inefficient and ill-trained. Asked a few about where the will-call is located and they just stared back at you and pointed to another person. When finally got in, it was TOO CROWED.

It was hard to see where specific wineries were. No real signs or map of the wineries. Most of the tables had 3 to 5 LAYERS of people trying to get served was next to impossible and when you did it was second rate wineries.

Gross food carts were located outside the entrance which was poorly planed. I stayed for an hour and then high tailed it over to the Beerfest next door which was well organized. Me and friends won't ever attend again another event by these guys...

Misleading and Crowded

Yelp Review 2/16/2011

San Francisco Vintners Market
I frequent wine events at Fort Mason since my office is close by.  The list on the website included 200 or so wineries, some were names I looked for in particular since I'm a big fan of those brands. Didn't find them on the main floor and noticed quite a few empty tables, so either wineries backed out last minute, or the website was misleading.

- Event over sold so I had a hard time getting to all of the wineries.
- All the wines we tried were disappointing, 3rd tier at best.
-Originally had general admission tickets, but after tasting some not-so-great wine,  we assumed the reserve area wines would be much better and were disappointed there as well. The extra amount was not worth it at all and wish I could get a refund.
- Had to stand in the will call line for over 30 minutes and the staff didn't seem to know what they were doing.
- Please, please, *please* invest in decent stemware.
- Would not SF Vintner Market events ever but I guess what do you expect
from a company that has only done two events.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

200 wineries and lies

San Francisco Vintners Market
April 9th and 10th
They say 200+ wineries for the event but inside sources say they only have less than 70 wineries for unlimited drinking so I feel for the wineries pouring at that event. Free tickets and 60%+ off discounts equal no sales for the wineries and drunk people driving home.

Save your money and don't go since there will be no parking and long lines for wine.

Parking was impossible

San Francisco Vintners Market

Goldstar member Written on Feb 24 2011
Parking was impossible and the line to get in was so long that we gave up.

Plastic wine glasses

San Francisco Vintners Market

Goldstar member Written on Apr 12 2010
Only big complaint - plastic wine glasses. They make the wine taste differently - in my opinion.

Way too crowded

San Francisco Vintners Market

Goldstar member Written on Nov 22 2010
way too crowded and extremely loud. seemed like it was more for really young crowd who wanted to drink more that sample and educate. would not do it again in this setting.